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What a life ive already led.

2008-06-04 22:16:03 by totaln00b

Man, So basically i just got back from seattle. What was i doing over there? I was seeing Iron maiden! Let me tell you, they were godly. Great pyrotechnics, a giant animatronic Eddy, and more music than anyone could hope for.

On the trip home, i was thinking about my life, and all the great things ive done. Im damn lucky.
Ive been to Africa and spent a month there, and for that im blessed. Ive been to ozzfest, seeing ozzy, which was amazing. Ive now seen Iron maiden, and in a few months, im seeing the best fucking band in the world. Im seeing rancid. Im sooo fucking pumped on life right now.

Panic attack..

2008-05-19 15:12:27 by totaln00b

Panic attacks are fucking strange, i had my first today... And it was very unpleasant..

I was walking to school, and the closer and closer i got, the more and more my heart rate would spike.

I kept walking and i began to get SUPER nervous and scared... As soon as i walked in the door, i had to turn around and head home, It was easily the scariest thing in my life.

Shit.. Where do i start? Today Blew fuckin' cock...

So first off, my mom didnt come home for the second day in a row, which is nothing new..

What pisses me off about it, is that she has to call me at 5 30 IN THE FUCKING MORNING, just to tell me she fell asleep at a friends again..

After this, i found it hard to sleep and began to get ready for the day.. Soon i discovered i had no fucking clean clothes, and began to shoot myself in the foot. I found the cleanest dirty clothes i could find, and threw them on the counter and hopped in the shower. All was well until i discovered there was no more shampoo... By now, Im thoroughly pissed.

I made do, and just proceeded with my day. As i began to walk to school, i quickly remembered all my shit (backpack & jacket) where at a friends house, and i changed my destination. On the way there, i tripped on a fucking twigg, which ripped my shoe laces, and made me drop my ipod on some mud..

I walked back home, shaking and drying my ipod, praying it would be revived, but this was to no avail. I got home and fuddled around the house for twenty minutes, searching for another lace. Eventually one crossed my path, and i made do, once again. I decided, since i was already late, id work on an english project and see whats up on NG.. When i turned on my computer, i had a COMPLETELY UNPLEASANT surprise. My computer had been reformatted.

It was as if my computer was brand-fucking-new... I did what everyone would do, and posted about it on the BBS.. Of course i got constantly flamed, as i will for this, but oh well. I walked away before i ripped my tower to shreds in my current fit of rage.

As i began my second trip to my Pals house, i ran into my mother, who of course was flaming that i was late. She began to bitch and nag infront of my neighbors, and i just walked away, sick of it. After a quick trip through a field and up a street, i reached my backpack. It was soaking.. Someone had moved it out from its cover, and it rained the prior night. i just said fuck it, and threw it on my back.

I walked to school.. And went through the day.. School was school, nothing unusual.. After school, i found out my buddy had gotten my skateboard confiscated and i had to go retrieve it from the office. I was lectured for 15 minutes on trivial stupid liability shit i already knew. After this i caught the bus downtown to catch up with some other pals for a quick skate sesh.

My session, however, was cut short. Soon after arriving downtown, and skating the streets, i met up with my buddies. We skated at the local shitty UTF park, amongst some drug dealers and bums. We decided to go and hit up another spot, so we did. I rolled up to the stair, went for it, and landed bolts (skaters will know whats up).. I regret it though, because as i landed, my truck shattered. I was pissed and just stormed off and caught the bus, and came here to bitch..

Lol i find it quite comical in hind sight.. What an awful day.. Oh well LOL

Probably the most homosexual day in my history..

1. Im full of badly placed sarcasm

2. Im full of badly placed sarcasm

3. Im full of badly placed sarcasm

4. Im full of badly placed sarcasm

5. Im full of badly placed sarcasm

A brand new post!

2008-04-27 12:56:04 by totaln00b

They asked me to make one, So i did!