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Entry #5

What a life ive already led.

2008-06-04 22:16:03 by totaln00b

Man, So basically i just got back from seattle. What was i doing over there? I was seeing Iron maiden! Let me tell you, they were godly. Great pyrotechnics, a giant animatronic Eddy, and more music than anyone could hope for.

On the trip home, i was thinking about my life, and all the great things ive done. Im damn lucky.
Ive been to Africa and spent a month there, and for that im blessed. Ive been to ozzfest, seeing ozzy, which was amazing. Ive now seen Iron maiden, and in a few months, im seeing the best fucking band in the world. Im seeing rancid. Im sooo fucking pumped on life right now.


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2008-06-04 22:52:00

You saw Iron Maiden!? You're lucky.

totaln00b responds:

It was fucking stellar.


2008-06-05 11:12:27

I got banned, could you guys cheer me up on my userpage?


2009-05-04 00:26:18

I would kill to see Iron Maiden but wouldn't really consider it an accomplishment. Well I guess if that's your passion I guess you should live it and be glad to. Kudos to you sir. Have you ever tried writing your own obituary when you feel glum? It makes you seem like god.


2009-10-23 15:36:43

rancid and wow man,,,to see both bands in a lifetime plus ozzie is unhuman,,YOUR NOT HUMAN!


2012-07-31 10:44:56